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Barry village developed in the second half of the 1800's with stores, a school (established in 1862), church, blacksmith, hall, carrier and homes for agricultural workers.  The village was probably named after Caleb Barry, a former bank manager in Blayney and steward of the Church of England.  The streets of Barry are named after clergy or bishops (Barber, Marsden, Hale, Moorhouse, Pearson, Sawyer, Selwyn, Staunton and Turner).

Today, all of Barry's public buildings, except St. James Anglican Church and the Community Centre have closed.  The Post Office and both stores are now private homes, as is the school residence and the former St Therese, Catholic Church.  The village roads are still unsealed except for the main crossroads of Selwyn and Sawyer Streets adding to the villages charm.

Each year in April the community host the Blayney Hay Bale Art Trail.


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