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Neville NSW is a small, pretty village in close proximity to the spectacular cavern system of Abercrombie Caves.

Neville enjoys four distinct seasons - warm summers, an abundance of scented roses in spring, and dramatic foliage in autumn. Snow falls several times a year during winter, with the nearby Mount Macquarie often covered in a smattering of white.

Several building around the town date back to the mid-late 19th century, including three churches, the post office and the school of the arts. The local school was built in 1858, and is still in use today.

Stop by the garden nursery and café and have a coffee and cake while you browse plants, succulents and local art. Neville has a proud community spirit, with the school, churches and volunteer fire service an important part of village life.

The surrounding Neville State Forest allows camping, fishing, horse riding, mountain biking and four wheel driving. Look closely and you are likely to spot wallabies, echidnas and honey eaters, as well as many native plants and flowers.



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