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Experience the Millthorpe Garden Ramble virtually

Experience the Millthorpe Garden Ramble virtually

Every year for the past 16 years, on the first weekend in November, the focus turns to the Millthorpe Garden Ramble when owners of gardens large and small, open their gates and invite visitors to ramble on through their unique spaces. In 2020, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Ramble will be going ahead online as a FREE virtual tour.

Virtual tours and special giveaways for the event will be posted on the Millthorpe Garden Ramble Facebook page and website.

Sit back in the comfort of your own home and watch the video tours of the beautiful cool climate gardens of Millthorpe. Hear from some of our creative homeowners about their garden designs and the history of their homes.

With a total of 8 gardens as part of the tour, highlights include experiencing the feel of the historic old inn, ‘The Fitzroy,’ where you can look through the courtyard between the old bluestone stables and the house and get a glimpse of times gone by. Virtually follow the paved path to a hidden family garden behind the Mason’s heritage building in Pym Street.

John, owner of Eidolia Park, has designed and created a stunning 15-acre garden from scratch over 15 years. He is a self-taught master of hybridising mainly iris, but also roses and a variety of perennials. He painstakingly collects pollen from one bloom and fertilises another flower by hand.

From Saturday morning of 31st October on, log on, sit back and enjoy the specially curated videos. You will get the story behind each of them as well as being inspired as you see the cleverly designed areas that use a vast range of plants successfully grown in a cool climate.


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