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Advertising Prospectus


(Rates include GST)

Advertising Terms and Conditions

* The Publisher herein refers to Orange360 in association with Orange City Council, Cabonne Council and Blayney Shire Council.

Cancellation: Any alterations or cancellations must be notified in writing to Orange360 within 7 days of booking. Any cancellation received after this time will be charged at the full fee. The Publisher reserves the right to repeat any previous advertisement of the same size (if available) or provide material on the advertiser’s behalf.

Non-receipt of material: We have an obligation to you and others to deliver the Publication on time and therefore material MUST be received by close of business on March 1, 2019. If not, The Publisher reserves the right to provide material on the advertiser’s behalf.

Acceptance: The Publisher reserves the right to not publish the advertiser’s advertisement. No refund will be made available for any prepayments made.

Changes: Once the text and image/s have been received for artwork, one set of minor changes is allowed for. The advertiser is responsible for all changes and associated costs (@ $90+GST per hour) requested by themselves or The Publisher.

Indemnity: The Publisher accepts no responsibility whatsoever for typesetting/artwork done by a third-party on behalf of the advertiser. If The Publisher designs or amends advertiser material, a PDF proof of the finished artwork may be made available for approval before printing. The Publisher reserves the right to cancel any material deemed inappropriate (including low quality images, which may be replaced with images supplied by The
The Publisher reserves the right to destroy any material unclaimed after three (3) months. The Publisher is not responsible for variations, alterations or changes with or without the Advertisers consent. The Publisher may place advertisements and listings in categories and pages at its discretion.
The Advertiser agrees that it has not relied upon any promise, representation or inducement by The Publisher, its agents or officers as to the suitability or expected results of advertising in the publication. The Advertiser agrees to ensure that their conduct and any information/material provided is accurate, comprehensive, not defamatory or slanderous, or misleading, or deceptive and does not contravene any laws in force in Australia including copyright. The Advertiser agrees to indemnify The Publisher, its agents and officers against all losses, liabilities, claims, expenses and other costs arising in any way in connection with or as a result of this agreement, the publication and its associated marketing or the advertiser’s product/facilities.
The Advertiser guarantees their right to use and supply any intellectual properties provided and indemnifies The Publisher, its agents and officers from any action resulting from the use of such intellectual properties. The Advertiser agrees to adhere to all prices submitted for print for 1 year from the official launch of the Publication.

Privacy: The Advertiser’s personal information, held by The Publisher, is available to the Advertiser upon request made to The Publisher. The Publisher, and/or its agents, may use this information for other marketing purposes in promoting the Orange360 region.


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