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With around just 100 residents, the tiny farming community of Newbridge is one of the smallest in the region.

Newbridge village developed around the railway line and station which was built in 1876. A point of pride for the town, the community have kept the building beautifully maintained, and Newbridge has won a number of awards for one of the best presented stations in the state. The Queen’s Royal Train even stopped overnight as it passed through during the Royal Visit of 1970.

Other charming buildings of this era remain in the town, including the local school, original bakehouse, police station, convent and post office. One of the oldest buildings in the town is the popular country-style village pub, still going strong today and offering meals and live music on Sundays.

Celebrating the shortest day of the year in midst of midwinter weather, Newbridge holds an annual Newbridge Winter Solstice Festival with market stalls and live music. Visitors can warm themselves with hot chocolates and mulled wine as they gather around a large bonfire that lights up the night sky.



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