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Newcrest Orange360 Regional Tourism Event Fund
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Newcrest Orange360 Regional Tourism Event Fund

Newcrest and Orange360 are once again partnering to support the local community with the launch of the Newcrest Orange360 Regional Tourism Event Fund worth $150,000 to drive the regional visitor economy.

Cadia Valley Operations (Cadia) General Manager, Aaron Brannigan, announced the Newcrest Orange360 Regional Tourism Event Fund is part of Newcrest’s commitment to supporting the local region and its communities.

“Through the Cadia Legacy Fund we will invest in a range of events across the tourism industry to drive the visitor economy, strengthening business demand and jobs across the region.”

“The fund will build on the success of the region’s events and presents the opportunity to expand tourism offerings and position the Orange region as one of the premier tourist destinations in Australia.  By collaborating with Orange360, we will ensure a coordinated approach and extend our support to as many events as possible,” Aaron said. 

Orange360 General Manager, Caddie Marshall commented, “Collectively, our region’s major festivals contribute more than $20 million to our visitor economy all of which are inspired, developed and delivered by volunteer community organisations.”

“Our shared intent is that this fund will support the ongoing success of these festivals and seed fund new events that will build on the existing destination appeal whilst celebrating our sense of place.”

“Important to the fund’s success will be the spread of events across the calendar year so we are not always attempting to grow tourism in a peak season and that new events will ideally showcase our region’s diverse assets, attractions and experiences across the entire region including our villages.”

Newcrest Orange360 Regional Tourism Event Fund applications will be lodged via the Newcrest website with two more rounds of funding available this financial year.

Supporting application templates have been developed as part of the application process that will help applicants through the process and these will be able to be used for other funding applications with the likes of Orange City Council and Destination NSW.

 “The partnership will provide support to community organisations through the application process, access to feedback from industry experts, and create a better framework for future regional tourism event success,” Aaron added. 

First round applications for funding close on the Friday, 11 March 2022. Further details can be found on Cadia’s website –

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