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Picnic Spots & Swimming Holes

Picnic Spots & Swimming Holes

Where to stay cool this Summer

As the temperature is getting hotter and hotter in the Orange Region, cool picnic spots and refreshing swimming holes are in high demand!

It's the perfect time of year to spend time with friends and family in the shade at some of our beatiful parks and picnic spots. Or even set up a rug and some snacks next to some of the region's picturesque swimming holes, lakes and dams to cool down, refresh yourself and splash around in this heat. There are also plenty of in-town swimming pools to visit if you aren't in the mood immerse yourself in nature.

These destinations are the ideal places to keep your kids occupied these school holidays or just to hang around with friends, family and a bottle of wine.

Keep in mind that not all swimming destinations are supervised by a trained lifegaurd, so swim safely.

Check out the map below for your new favourite summer destinations.


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