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Mount Murga Walking Track

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If you’re reasonably fit, why not take on Mount Murga walking track? It’s a varied and attractive walk up the side of Mount Murga and along the ridgeline to the plateau and lookout at the top. From here, you can see the extensive open farmland lying to the north of the park.

Follow an old bulldozer track up the hill through red stringybark and scribbly gum woodland, and in spring or early summer, keep your eyes open for flowering orchids, such as spotted doubletail or midget greenhood. A real treat may await you at the summit, where wattles and goodenia light up the surrounds with bright yellow hues.

Wildlife such as kangaroos, wallabies and many bird species can be seen in the surrounding vegetation. Listen out for animals – even if you don’t see them, you may hear a kangaroo as it hops away or birds calling in the treetops or shrubs.


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