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Orange Regional Arts Foundation

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Every regional city and town has a true heart; the actions and the stories that make up its history and its dreams. They tell you something of the kind of place this is, what its people are like, what they value, what it is that they believe to be important in their lives and the life of their community.

In the city of Orange, there has been no more influential action than that taken by a group of local folk in 1984, when they established the Orange Regional Arts Foundation. In the beginning, their focus was to seek community funds to support the art gallery, add to its collections and develop one of the best regional art galleries in the state. But that done, they realised that there was so much more to achieve.

Today, the Orange Regional Arts Foundation provides significant support for arts and cultural development in Orange and the surrounding region, and Orange has become a shining example of a place where the arts are treasured and supported, providing the whole community with a diverse cultural life.

ORAF nurtures not just the growth of the arts, but community engagement with all kinds of artistic expression in a way that’s open to everyone. ORAF believes that the arts can help transform a community and the result can be a better town, a better nation and certainly a better world.

To that end, and since its establishment, the Orange Regional Arts Foundation has given more than $500,000 to support the arts in Orange.


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