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The small historic town of Lucknow NSW is a familiar sight for those travelling to Orange along the Mitchell Highway. Easily identifiable by the distinctive ‘poppet head’ mining machinery greeting visitors as they enter the town, there are traces of the towns origins to be found throughout the village.

Established during the gold rush of 1851, Lucknow was part of one of the richest goldfields in NSW. As well as the landmark poppet head, many of the miners cottages and outbuildings are still standing, and are open to the general public once a month. The Wentworth Main Mine makes the perfect starting point to explore the town on foot, via the Lucknow Heritage Trail, a walking tour that takes visitors on a journey through the towns historic buildings and learn local folklore.

Today it is home to an eclectic mix of stores, including second-hand wares, a lolly shop and an ever-popular skin and boot barn.

Wineries, a berry farm and the quaint township of Millthorpe are only a short distance away, with Orange only a ten minute drive through an avenue of vineyards and tall poplar trees.



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