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To look upon the tranquil village of Lyndhurst NSW today,  it is difficult to imagine that the town was once on a short-list of sites for the national capital.

Located just 4km from the historic town of Mandurama, Lyndhurst is known for its thriving agricultural industry and surrounded by green pastures and picturesque waterways. Blessed with four distinct seasons, Lyndhurst weather experiences warm summer days and frosty winters, with the surrounding paddocks receiving a light dusting of snow.

As the closest centre to Lyndhurst Goldfields, also now known as the Junction Reefs, the town prospered during the late 1800s and at one stage boasted three banks, three general stores, a cinema, a pub, professional photographer, farrier, baker, fruit shop, butcher, three garages, railway station, a memorial hall and showground.

However the fortunes of the goldfields changed, yet the local pub and takeaway shop are still going strong, perfect for a lunch time stop. Lyndhurst has a strong community spirit with the local Rifle Club and Team Penning Club hosting various events throughout the year.

As an ‘RV friendly’ town, a warm welcome awaits visitors looking to take a break. The Lyndhurst Sports & Recreation Ground has new primitive campground facilities for motor homes and caravans.




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