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Diversity is the key to the Orange Wine Region. Diversity in elevation, diversity of terroir, diversity of wine styles and, perhaps most importantly, diversity of winegrowers. The wonderfully diverse wines are best tasted at the plethora of cellar door outlets in and around Orange - again from the sleek and sophisticated to rustic and charming tasting rooms that ooze country style.  Add the award-winning restaurants, cafés and wine bars and Orange is the place to be.  


The key to Orange rapid success (the first commercial vines were only planted in 1980) is its multi-faceted terroir. The Orange Wine Region has a footprint which covers the City of Orange and parts of the surrounding Cabonne and Blayney Shires, its limit uniquely defined by elevation with 600 metres the lower limit.  The Region’s highest vineyards top a chilly 1000 metres. These high altitudes dramatically affect the climate of Orange with warm (but rarely hot) summer days yet cool nights, cold, frosty winters and occasional snow. These weather patterns help define Orange as a cool-climate wine region. Add the wide variety of vineyard aspects and complex geological terrain and it’s no wonder that the Orange winegrowers can grow such a diverse range of grape varieties and craft a wonderful collection of wine styles. Chardonnay rubs shoulder alongside pinot noir and pinot gris with cooler sites favouring sauvignon blanc and riesling. Warmer locations to the west suit merlot, shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and other full flavoured reds. The common thread is elegance, refinement and vivacity. Wines made for food. Spoilt for choice is an old adage that really applies to the Orange Wine Region.  Visit soon to discover these vinous treasures for yourself. 



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